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NAC Exam Cram

    Testing tips!


    There are 22 Skills to master for Washington State, all are listed to the right. You will be tested on 5 however you must know them all because you are give a list of 5 at random. One is hand washing, one is a recorded skill like BP, weight, urinary output, pulse, respirations, and the other are any remaining.


    Acting class:


    Skills are a script and you are the actor! Learn the lines, act them out as you are being directed to do so through the reading and listening of the audio.



    Heavy Lifting First:


    If you hate a skill like, assist with use of bed pan, it's most likely you are not good at it. Always start with the skill you don't like first. The goal is to make to the most hated your favorite!


    Don't force memory:


    Listen to skills audio over and over! Read skills over and over. It's Okay to use them as crutches.



    Take NAC Practice Tests More Than Once:


    With so many practice tests available for free, there is no reason not to try out several. You’ll expose yourself to different questions and get more of a knack for the flow of the multiple-choice portion of the exam. You can also mix and match paid and free practice tests if you want to try yourself in different test taking situations.


    Use Good Study Tools:


    One site that offers rich study aids for NAC exams and other standardized tests, including a statewise breakdown of NAC requirements, is Pearson VUE. For instance, if you want to know more about what the NAC exam is like in Georgia, look for that state in the drop-down menu. This choice will open a page filled with information about the Georgia NAC exam. You can download a Candidate Handbook, an application form, information about regional test sites and test schedules and more. Pearson VUE is a company that specializes in electronic examination design and administration, so their info on the NAC test is very reliable.


    Use Other People:


    Your friends, and even people you don’t know at all, can help you prepare for the NAC exam. Ask your friends and family to remind you to study, or give you pop quizzes or flashcards, or even just have them sit and listen while you explain something you’ve learned about being a NAC. Talking through a process out loud has been proven to improve your ability to remember it. Other students in your training courses, and even your professors, can also be good resources for this type of learning. Having a conversation about a particular concept will cement the knowledge in your brain.